Before you exfoliate, increase your calm with a steamy hot shower, sauna, or bath 20 min to soften skin. Rinse off all soap and oil residues. Remove your body from running water. Your skin should be warm and lightly hydrated. 

TIP | The warmer your skin and the longer you soak, the more you'll peel.




Wet your BODY SÓL™ Glove with hot water and squeeze the water out. Your glove will shrink the first time. Rub back and forth using vertical or horizontal motions only. Watch your dead skin peel off! (Do not use soap or oils)

TIPDo not exfoliate under direct stream of water. Start at the ankles and work your way up.  Do not rinse the dead skin off while you exfoliate, it helps the process. Rinse off dead skin after exfoliating each section. When exfoliating the face, apply gentle pressure to your t-zone and lips. 




Rinse off dead skin and dry off with a towel to reveal energized baby soft skin. Follow with your favorite body oil or mild lotion. 




The best practice is to exfoliate before shaving when caring for the skin under that majestic beard. Exfoliating before shaving lifts the hairs allowing the razor to slice through swiftly and smoothly, opposed to tugging it, making for a painless shave.  When exfoliating the face, the skin is more sensitive and delicate than on the rest of your body, meaning it requires a particularly mild exfoliation. Exfoliating pushes the dirt and dead skin out of the way to unclog pores, which allows the razor to glide more smoothly over the skin. This will help prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, blackheads, and acne.  


Nose: Gently exfoliate the bridge and sides of your nose. 

Cheeks: Gently swipe along your cheekbone outward towards your temples. Avoid delicate eye area. 

Forehead/Chin/Lips: Gently horizontal or vertical motions. 

Ears: Behind your earlobes, gently exfoliate dead skin. 

NeckDelicately swipe down the sides and center of the neck to drain your lymphatic system. Delicately swipe up the sides and center of the neck to tone. 


First splash the face with warm water to open the pores, which will loosen and soften dry or dead skin. Wet your silk exfoliant with warm water. Then, apply gentle pressure while exfoliating your beard and outward motions on your cheeks, horizontally over the forehead, and vertically on the nose and under the chin. Rinse with cold water and pat dry. Extraordinary care for the extraordinary man. Look your best, mates!



  • Hand wash only with warm water. Do not use soap, detergent, or bleach. Air dry only.  
  • Every 4 weeks, disinfect your silk exfoliant glove with 2 tbsp white vinegar per 1 cup water. Let it soak for 20 min in the vinegar-water mixture. Rinse off in warm water, then air dry.
  • Your silk glove becomes more effective after the first use.
  • Please use separate gloves for face/lips and body.
  • Exfoliate 1X per week.
  • Recommended to replace every 4 months.
  • Please visit FAQs for questions



Do not use on broken, irritated, or burned skin. Do not use on children under 12. Wait 24 hours before applying tanner or tanning in the sun, shaving, or waxing. Apply appropriate pressure as needed and comfortable for your skin type.