A Miracle Exfoliator  



Remove Dead & Damaged Skin

Out with the old, in with the new reveal energized baby-soft skin. 


Keratosis & Ingrown Hairs  

Effective in reducing and preventing keratin on the skin. No more ingrown hairs and clogged pores. Shed away that buildup! 


Prep For & Remove Self-Tanner 

Prep before tanning to get an even glow. Naturally remove self-tanner instantly and effortlessly, while revealing a fresh complexion.


Prevents Breakouts   

Say goodbye to acne and blackheads and deeply cleansing, purifying pores, and eliminating the buildup of dead skin.


Detoxify & Energize 

Drain your lymphatic system! Oxygenate, stimulate elastin, collagen production, increasing blood flow for toned, firm skin.  


Fade Scarring & Stretch Marks 

Exfoliating with silk uses gentle-strength to shed dead skin to facilitate cell renewal and collagen growth.    


Firm & Tone

Exfoliating massages the skin, stimulating elastin, collagen production, and increased blood flow firming and toning to reduce the appearance of cellulite.



Ultra-Hydrated Skin

Allow your skin to breathe! Clean exfoliated skin allows moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing absorption and retention for lotion-like skin.   


For Men Too

Extraordinary care for the extraordinary man. Look your best, mates! 


Gentle-Strength & Deep Exfoliation

The secret is in the special structure of the silk weave. Unlike synthetic fibers that damage and accelerate wrinkling, the BODY SÓL™ Glove is the most powerfully effective deep exfoliant, while protecting sensitive skin. 



Our silk remains 100% pure, without any dyes or synthetic chemicals and easily biodegradable.


Silk Weave Technique

The superpower of the BODY SÓL™ Glove is activated by water. Its sacred geometric structure is the science to the perfect exfoliation.


Clear Energized Skin

Promotes metabolism of the skin, nourishes it, and leaves your skin elastic. The solution to all your skin’s needs.



Skincare Products Penetrate Deeper

Removing old buildup is the first step to deeply infusing your favorite serums and moisturizers, penetrating deeper into the skin. Unleash your beauty products potential!


Better Shaving Results

Prep your skin for shaving and prevent ingrown hairs and strawberry skin for smooth even feel.


Release & Prevent Ingrown Hairs 

Exfoliation unclogs pores that lead to ingrown hair.


Collagen Growth

As you age the body produces less collagen. Creating surface-rich mild irritation triggers a healing response, increasing cell turnover, the BODY SÓL™ Glove gives these collagen proteins a wake-up call—maintaining your youth. 


Elastin Production 

Stimulating oxygen-rich blood flow to nourish the skin's surface boosting cellular health. Proteins, like collagen, maintains skin health and prevents wrinkles and sagging. 


Kick-Start Cell Renewal

Keep your healthy cells at the surface for visible radiance.



Oxygenate Cells & Blood Flow 

Renew your bare skin to surge your capillaries with fresh oxygen from the outside in. Enrich blood flow for a vibrant glow.  


Lymphatic Drainage 

Lymphatic drainage for an internal cleanse.


Even & Brighten Skin Tone

Give confidence to your smooth complexion and let it shine.


Increase Confidence 

Your bare skin is its bare essentials. Love your skin and take care of you, increase your calm, and let it radiate your natural beauty underneath it all.



Massaging the muscles helps firm, tone, and reduce any appearance of cellulite.


Blackheads & Pore Size

Remove impurities clogged in your pores, giving you that deeper cleanse.



Fine Lines & Wrinkles 

Silk has 20 amino acids and natural antioxidants. Gently exfoliate dead skin and stimulate cell renewal, collagen growth, and elastin. Immediately see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. 


Ashy Skin 

Ashy skin is dehydrated skin. Silk has sericin proteins that help your skin retain moisture; along with 20 amino acids and natural antioxidants. By exfoliating dead skin, you help your new skin absorb and retain moisture. 


Chicken Skin & Strawberry Legs 

Prevent uneven skin and keratin deposits. Easily eliminate trapped dead skin, oil, and bacteria. No more speed bumps.


Naturally Bacteria Resistant 

Silk is naturally anti-bacterial! Make it the safest hygienic choice for your skincare routine. 


Nature's Deep Healing Power 

The highest-grade 100% silk is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and resists bacterial build-up, giving you a safer, cleaner cleanse. Hit the reset button on bad skin and bring it back to life.  


Manage pH Level of Skin

Raw silk maintains the natural pH level of skin, which is essential for healthy clear skin. Unnatural products and chemicals can disrupt your pH balance accelerates aging and causes acne.