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Silk is the only choice when it comes to your face and body. Our generational masters specialize in the sacred art of silk weaving that you won't find anywhere else. The superpower of the BODY SÓL™ Glove is activated by water. Its sacred geometric structure is the science to the perfect exfoliation.

Raw silk maintains the natural pH level of skin, which is essential for healthy clear skin. Silk is naturally anti-bacterial with 20 amino acids and natural antioxidants. Silk has sericin proteins that help dehydrated skin retain moisture. As you age the body produces less collagen. Creating surface-rich mild irritation triggers a healing response, increasing cell turnover, the BODY SÓL™ Glove gives these collagen proteins a wake-up call— maintaining your youth. Stimulating oxygen-rich blood flow nourishes the skin's surface boosting cellular health. Proteins, like collagen, maintains skin health and prevents wrinkles and sagging. Fresh exfoliated skin allows moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing absorption and retention for ultra-moisturized skin. Effortlessly eliminate trapped dead skin, oil, and bacteria for clean pores. Keep your healthy cells at the surface for visible radiance. 

The BODY SÓL™ Glove uses only the highest-grade silk that is 100% natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and unbleached— setting us apart from other companies. 

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Viscose is a chemically-developed synthetic rayon fabric developed in France in 1883 as a cheap alternative to silk. This chemistry is actually harsh and damaging to the skin and face. Currently, most exfoliants are falsely sold as “viscose silk” or “herbal silk” — are not in fact silk at all.

Viscose is made from cellulose, as all early plastics were. However, it’s not quite natural due to the extensive chemical process it’s put through. The plant fiber has been processed into rayon using toxic chemicals. The chemical process involves sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide into rayon then spun into threads using sulfuric acid. No trace of the original plant is left. It takes decades for viscose/rayon to biodegrade.

There are no rayon producers in the United States because it is too toxic to comply with the EPA’s standards.

All exfoliant gloves are known as "kese" in Turkey. Silk exfoliating gloves have been used since the Ottoman empire and were reserved for the Sultan, particularly the Empress and their daughters. In an attempt to follow royal customs, the common people developed a viscose glove, which they named "herbal silk" or “viscose silk.”  For this reason, most exfoliant gloves consist of viscose and other materials. 

Synthetic fibers and silicon products cause premature wrinkling. Sponges, brushes, scrubbers, micro-bead cleansers, and others do not adequately clean the skin. Additionally, synthetic fibers contain microscopic pores that encourage bacteria buildup and tend to contribute to dermalogical issues, further skin problems such as acne. Not only damaging to the body, but destructive to Earth’s fragile ecology.

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